02 March 2008

War Threats Not Headline News?

When a head of state orders the deployment of troops through a public television and radio address, threatening the possibility of "the start of a war in South America," I wonder why this appears lower on the Globe's homepage than items on the latest death of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, the sham Russian election, a tiff between the Canadian finance minister and the premier of Ontario, and the situation in Gaza. I mean, I suppose we're used to this kind of banter from Hugo Chavez, but... well read it yourselves and see if it doesn't makes you slightly anxious, if it might not deserve a slightly higher billing.

Let me demonstrate this visually:

1 comment:

Luke said...

As far as infographics go, I'd rate that a 3.5 out of 10.

Hugo Chavez is even more of a hothead than me, and has moved troops and made speeches because a neighboring country violated the sovereignty not of his own country, but of a different one.

Put another way: more people have died in Gaza today than will die in the "war in South America."