20 March 2008

Mirabile Dictu

This is incredible. Start around 3:22, unless you enjoy the inane, sycophantic fatuousness and queasily peppy crypto-racism of Joe Scarborough.  Maybe Mike Huckabee is just angling for the Vice-Presidential nomination. But incredible nonetheless. 

As an aside, Huckabee has a not-unreasonable point about sermons coming out wrong in the heat of the moment for preachers of any stripe. I would challenge him, though, to show that the actions of the Rev. Wright on fostering social justice (which apparently included arranging for white students to attend his services), actions that seem to speak louder than his words on race, can be matched by, say Jerry Falwell's outreach efforts to gays and lesbians. Someone, it doesn't seem quite the same. 

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