16 June 2009

Executive Decision

Since Andrew Sullivan has done it, so have we - Hoboken Group is green for Iran.


15 June 2009

The Revolution will be Tweeted

Who knows how things in Iran are going to turn out? Andrew Sullivan has been invaluable; Juan Cole's comment has been exceedingly informed.

At Progressive Realist, Dan Nexon asserts that autocratic regimes are learning to get one step ahead of modular mass movements.

That being said, Twitter, a tool that really only makes sense when you have something both important and urgent to say, has finally come into its own.

It should be acknowledged that, whatever the particulars of the results, there are thousands - maybe millions - of Iranians attempting to change their country through peaceful means. And that truth needs to be supported by progressives and realists of all stripes.

God, we hope, truly is great.


12 June 2009

Situation Normal...

...Charles Krauthammer is still a twerp.


03 June 2009

Golden State

The US Capitol permits each state in the Union to place two statues honouring notable figures in a state's history on permanent display as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection. Today, California replaced one of its statues, honouring the Rev. Thomas Starr King, with a 7-foot tall figure of Ronald Reagan.

Who was the Rev. Thomas Starr King?

The Rev. King was a Unitarian minister, an ardent supporter of the United States Sanitary Commission - now the Red Cross - and the man credited by Abraham Lincoln with "saving the Union" by convincing Californians, through oratory, not to secede as a separate republic during the American Civil War. The Rev. King has two mountains, two San Francisco streets, a middle school and a Unitarian theological seminary named after him.

I'll leave you to judge for yourself as to which is more deserving.