07 June 2008


Not a half bad piece in the Times about bullfighting.


06 June 2008

Smoke Weed Every Day!

In an interview with The Guardian, Snoop Dogg propounds an interesting theory of campaign finance:

He almost looks at me, but then seems to think better of it as he whispers: "The KKK gave Obama money."
"YES." Snoop has an interesting verbal mannerism of capitalising words without putting any exclamation at the end. "They was one of his biggest supporters."
"I've never heard that."
"YES. Why wouldn't they be? The media won't tell you that. They don't want you to know that. They just want you to know that this nigger befriended this other nigger who be threatening your values. But we all know all presidents lie to get into fucking office. That's they job."


04 June 2008

Thomas Friedman strikes again!

This man is a parody of himself:

The trust deficit is exacerbated by the fact that after Israel quit the Gaza Strip in 2005, Palestinians, instead of building Singapore there, built Somalia and focused not on how to make microchips, but on how to make rockets to hit Israel.