25 November 2008

Trend of the Week? Year? Decade?

...is the angst-ridden Democrat.

Hanging chads? War on Terror? Working-class whites? No, no, no. All irrelevant fads of the antediluvian past. Now he/she is petrified that the Democrats from the last Democratic administration aren't Democratic enough for this one.

Memo: up until around mid-January of this year, the Clinton years were hazily recalled by Democrats, some Republicans, and the national press corps, as a golden age of unlimited domestic prosperity, unencumbered foreign hubris, and news cycles praiseworthily dominated by sex, not death.

One of the effects of the twenty-four news cycle is that some people forget about cycles that take longer than twenty-four hours to run. I blame this, like I blame Guantanamo, on 24.

Or maybe, just maybe, the media is just making this issue up?

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Anonymous said...

i think it is a totally media-manufactured non-issue. Also, Rahm Emanuel is hot, just to lower the level of discourse on this blog. C'mon, best quote ever: "I just hope that with all the pressures of the job I don't lose that sunny disposition of mine." Also, he is a trained ballet dancer!