27 November 2008

Payback's a Bitch

I wonder if Jean Chretien ever imagined this would happen?

Prediction: if this oh-so-tactically brilliant ball of s**t passes the House, someone, in one of the four opposition parties, is going to bring up uniting the left. I hope the country's non-Conservatives take it seriously.

Because if this maneuvre is a taste of what's to come thanks to a recession and a Conservative government, there's not going to be much of Canada left to govern by the time someone in the Liberal party - or heaven forbid, the NDP - manages to get a clue.

The Liberals are finding out that payback's a bitch. I sure hope Stephen Harper's next in line.


Aldous said...

What a coincidence; I was just re-reading The Prince this week. Or, the Liberals are sooooo fucked.

Luke said...

At the moment, yes, they sure are.

But I think the Conservatives risk overreach here. The current stance on the economy is, I think, to let it fail as much as possible that that, like a certain former educator we both recall, the CPC can recreate the country in its own image.

Recessions, though, can be funny things, and I'm not sure people will be impressed that there won't be a stimulus package till March.