21 October 2007

More Canadians in Kandahar II

From a Canadian Press puff-piece (via the Globe) on anecdotal accounts of the attitudes of about a half dozen Canadian soldiers (and one American Marine) in Afghanistan:

A U.S. marine making a pit stop at a Canadian base brings a totally different perspective.

“The problem with the Canadians is that they always have to be worried about what people think at home,” he says.

“When the Canadians are attacked, they worry about civilian casualties. When we're attacked, we hunt them down and kill them.”
Think what you will about the Canadian Press, the Afghanistan Mission, or this poorly-researched article, but one thing's for sure: if it is really true that the Canadian approach to the mission is to worry about civilian casualties, and the American approach is to "hunt them down and kill them," then there is a humanitarian advantage to our presence, assuming America plans to stay indefinitely.

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