13 October 2007

Assistant to the Curator

So I started working at the Library and Museum that is undoubtedly one of New York's greatest cultural institutions. My official title is Curatorial Assistant, but the rest of the staff has just taken to calling me "the new Michelle." I'm not sure who the old Michelle was, but I do know that she hasn't been around for six months, so there is a considerable backlog of work to do. My job, essentially the only one I'll ever be qualified to do, is to examine and decipher illuminated manuscripts, mostly books of hours, and pass on my observations to a cataloguing team at the second-closest Ivy league. Pretty soon I'll have handled more illuminated manuscripts than... well than most people. My professor calls it "a foot in the door," but he didn't mention that the door would open automatically with a wave of my high-tech ID tag. Well, the doors I have clearance to, anyhow.

All this is quite glorious, really.

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Stephanie said...

Today at work I performed a show called "Explosions". In it, I set loads of hydrogen on fire. I also almost accidentally took my head off with a Pringles tin. I win.