14 January 2008

Best Assigned Academic Book Title of the Quarter

Elbe, Stefan. 2003. Europe: A Nietzschean Perspective. London and New York: Routledge.

Haha it works on so many levels! I'm sure that John or Luke* can top that, but given the normal practice of publishing in Political Science, this is a pretty good contender.

*I don't list Nick here, since (a) he rarely even posts on this blog and (b) Cherubs: Angels of Love doesn't count as an academic book.


John said...

Well, it wasn't assigned per se, but one of the books on the bibliography of possible extra reading for my Leibniz course was called "Architectonique disjonctive, automates systématiques et idéalité transcendentale dans l'oeuvre de G.W. Leibniz". But the French may be in a whole other category in this competition.

Luke said...

I am reading quite a bit of Nietzsche this term actually. However, on top of that and the dime novels, the winner on my course lists is as follows:

Allen, Robert C. Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque and American Culture. Raleigh: U North Carolina P, 1991.

It doesn't quite top last fall's cultural history of masturbation, but it comes close!

Bronwen said...

i realize i am only a charter/affiliated (?) member of this group, but I have to mention that this book:

Anglo-American cataloguing rules / prepared under the direction of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR, a committee of the American Library Association ... [et al.].

contains chapters numbered 1-12, and 21-25, but no chapters 13-20. Why, you ask? THE LIBRARIANS ARE LEAVING SPACE IN CASE WE FIND NEW THINGS TO CATALOGUE. I kid you not.

Nick said...

Get off the blogs!