10 September 2007

"Your art was the best art of all the... art"

Fair Columbus boasts her fair share of attractions, but I am sad to say that upon inspection of its website, the art museum is not one of them. A proper verdict would require an actual visit (were I to be empirically rigorous), of course.

The collection's highlights, it appears, include (apart from a range of American shlock) six Monets and a Picasso. Tell me: what boondocksville art gallery doesn't have six Monets and a Picasso? Perhaps my colleagues in Art History shall do their public service practicum (those exist, don't they?) in Columbus and put things to rights. I mean, come on, not even one lousy Agnolo Gaddi?

Full disclosure: the title quote clearly comes from the lovable Roy, season 3 episode 17 of the U.S. Office.

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