22 September 2007

Dove Michele?

A friend of mine who rather enjoys the party life is visiting from Italy. He left my place at about midnight last night to go to this club in Manhattan, and is not back yet.

It is 9:15 AM.

He also has my cell phone.



Luke said...

Perhaps Michele has found "the sex"? Maybe it's time for you to find a payphone and check in. For all you know, he could have had his wallet stolen on a beach on Staten Island. And I guess also your cellphone. Hmm..

Also, I note that the club in question boasts that it has New York's "largest programmable L.E.D. light system. I wonder if it has more L.E.D. lights than the CN Tower?

Anonymous said...

That place looks awesome. Why didn't you accompany him Nick? If only for the programmable LED...