20 April 2009

Tendebantque manus ripae ulterioris admore

"They were holding their arms outstretched in love toward the further shore"
-Virgil, quoted in George Grant's Lament for a Nation

"So the question that [the founders of Confederation] asked and answered, in their fashion, demands an answer in our time: what exactly is being Canadian worth to us, in dollars and cents? How much are we prepared to invest to keep our country in one piece?"
-Michael Ignatieff

"Money has no motherland"


Bronwen said...

Did you hear Iggy on the Sunday edition this week? I was sort of half asleep when it was on (and thus had the strange experience of Iggy in my dream), but it was interesting. I tend to think this particular burst of self-promotion is likely to convince some people in his favour, but also make lots of others think he is a waspy snob. The Annex must have lapped it up (and I'll be interested to talk to John's mum about it, since, if i remember correctly, she hates him). eager to hear from other HG members!

Bronwen said...

and yes, you can expect lengthy comments like this one now that i am gainfully unemployed!

John said...

AM hates Iggy? I'm not sure that's true.

Bronwen said...

I thought she thought he was slimy - but who am i to say, she's your mother:-B