15 October 2008


Does it strike anybody else that John McCain's debate performance has come unhinged?

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Luke said...

Yes. Much, it seems, like many of the talking heads, I thought McCain's first half-hour was quite strong.

But his own self-immolation in bringing up Bill Ayers, ACORN, and the "Obama wants to kill babies" smear got him so riled up that he was off his game for the rest of the debate. I've never heard so much snorting on national television in my life.

Also: I know a guy who works for ACORN. Since when did ACORN become the second coming of the KKK? How can anyone dislike an organisation named after a seed?

Also: would Joe the Plumber have been as frequently mentioned if his name was Ahmed? Or Miguel?

Also: Why does McCain keep slamming the Hayden Planetarium? Doesn't he realize that the raison d'etre of any planetarium is to have a frickin' huge expensive slide projector??

That is all.