05 February 2008

Early Going

Just a couple observations:

  1. A couple races that were supposed to be close for Obama according to exit polls (MO, MA and NJ specifically) are looking pretty lopsided so far (Bradley effect, anyone?).
  2. Edwards, whose campaign is over but officially "suspended," is having an impact in places like Tennessee (he's currently polling 10%), Missouri (6%), and Oklahoma (12%). I know basically nothing about American politics and voting behavior, but this tells me that a good chunk of voters in these states are (a) too stupid, (b) too pig-headed, and/or (c) too racist and sexist to vote for a candidate that's still actually running.
    [EDIT: Obviously, part of the Edwards factor must be advance balloting, but still at 11:00 PM, he's hanging at 10% in OK (99% reporting) and 5% in TN (80%) ...]

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