08 November 2007


Upon closer inspection, the following do not exist in Columbus, OH:

Club Monaco
H&M (Women's store only, automobile necessary)

There is, however, a Brooks Brothers... at the airport.

(I also believe that I will have a problem with sizing in this state/region/country.)


simon said...

I think this is the first hoboken post I have ever understood.

p.s, happy birthday aldous!

Bronwen said...

simon, you're the best. my comprehension is sometimes also low, although once john explained that johnny rotten post to me, i laughed my head off.

aldous, can i suggest a sartorial exchange programme with your princeton member of HB? there is no hardware store or grocery store on the main street of princeton, but there is ample scope for the fashionista - and also a really super awesome kitchenware store.